History of The band
It all started in 2006, when 2 friends had a dream of starting a portuguese band. Later on to be called "Navegantes"
With the keyboards and drums in place, we then turned to Deci on guitar and Ricky on bass. After several months of practice, when we added our final piece, the vocalist, Ricardo. Several years later, with many shows like The feast at Maderia field in Rhode Island and The day of portugal in New Jew Jersey under our belts, we now turn our focus to our first album "Povo De Herois" on track to be released this summer. Navegantes as a band will never forget the traditions and customs of our portuguese heritage.
The band Navegantes would like to thank everyone that who have booked us over the years and especially to our fans. To all of you once again thank you and we hope to see you at our next show.
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